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November 30, 2023

Peter Cook, Editor

Corporate Water Connection is pleased to announce that we will be holding the 2024 Corporate Water Industry Update on February 20, 2024 in Austin, Texas!  Please mark your calendars and plan on joining us for a great day of insights, networking, and discussions about latest business trends in full-cycle water management.  Check out the event website here and register today!  Contact to suggest topics and speakers.  We are looking forward to networking with industry leaders at this first-class venue.  See you there!


Lots of news this week related to water use in semiconductors, data centers, mining, food & beverage, and more (as well as some regulatory items and ESG insights).  We close out Corporate Water Weekly with several high-quality webinars, so be sure to check those out as well.


Grab a cup of coffee, close the office doors, and take some time to dive into the deep end of this week’s Corporate Water Weekly!


And now, the news…

Corporate Water Weekly – Issue #3

Arizona manufacturing companies look to curtail water use

What goes into being a steward of water and which ways the commodity is used should become more prevalent in the coming years in Arizona as long as water shortages continue.

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Water use for local data center unknown

A proposed technology data center in the Fort Wayne area would rely on local water for cooling, but exactly how much water is unknown.

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IC Manufacturing Targets Less Water, Less Waste

New technologies and processes help companies strive for net-zero.

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New Albany, OH lands another $3.25B in data center projects from Edged Energy, QTS

New Albany is set to land more data centers, adding to the ever-growing fleet of companies making such investments in the city.

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Are the Western World EU and US Geared Up to Spearhead the Global Semiconductor Fab Market

US is slowly gearing up to lead the semiconductor industry, but how will Europe survive when it consumes 20 percent of the international chip supply, but produces only nine percent.

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Netrality Data Centers Secures $380M Sustainability-Linked Loan to Support Energy-Efficiency

The SLL reinforces Netrality's mission to enhance the energy efficiency of its existing data halls and sustainably add new data halls.

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Behind the Data: Unveiling the Water Footprint of Artificial Intelligence

Bluefield Research blog on the massive growth in data centers (and therefore water usage) due to AI.

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The nagging doubts about ChatGPT

The first anniversary of the groundbreaking AI application is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the challenges posed by artificial intelligence, including water impact.

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Artificial intelligence guzzles billions of liters of water

The growing thirst of data centers, which use water to cool their equipment, is beginning to cause tensions in the territories where they are located.

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How Meta redesigned its data centers for the AI era

A look at Meta’s next-generation data centers, including water use and the cooling systems.

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China building underwater data center with the power of 6 million PCs

China is building gigantic datacenters underwater, where it aims to save 122 million KWh of electricity, and nearly 10 soccer fields of land. Super-cold seawater will be used for cooling, and the real estate prices are low!

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Data Center Reform Coalition aims to educate Virginia about threat to clean energy

They are urging the state to study the cumulative effects of data center development on the state’s electrical grid, water resources, air quality and land conservation efforts and to institute several common-sense regulatory and rate-making reforms for this industry.

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Tippecanoe County (Indiana) takes action to stop massive water withdrawal

County joins several cities in preventing the state from taking water from the Wabash for an industrial development project in Boone County.

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Editorial: Should PFAS Use Be Restricted in the Semiconductor Sector?

PFAS offer a unique combination of properties essential for precision, efficiency, scale, and performance, with no current alternatives matching these specific attributes.

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AWS using reclaimed wastewater for data center cooling at 20 locations

20 Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers are using purified wastewater, rather than potable water, for their cooling systems.

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How Microsoft and P&G are planning to replenish more water than they use

Microsoft and P&G are among a growing group of companies replenishing freshwater ecosystems to offset their corporate water consumption.

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Microsoft: Water replenishment: Our learnings on the journey to water positive

2023 update from Microsoft on how they are doing on their goal of being water positive by 2030.

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Cambrian Innovation looks for growth under new owner

The acquisition of Cambrian Innovation by Pennybacker Capital last week comes with an additional equity commitment of up to $200 million to jump-start the company’s build-own-operate franchise for water reuse and energy recovery projects.

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How U.S. EPA’s New Environmental Justice Initiative Impacts Manufacturing Operations

On November 15, the agency published a notice in the Federal Register seeking comment on draft guidance that, as proposed, would explicitly require Environmental Justice considerations in regulatory analyses, including for certain permits required to expand or maintain manufacturing operations. For example, the guidance aims to incorporate Environmental Justice concerns into Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act permit decision-making processes.

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UAE State of Water Stewardship study reveals consumer concern for the world’s water

Ecolab Watermark Study finds 79% of UAE consumers believe manufacturers/businesses lack clear guidance and/or plans to combat water scarcity.

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EFSA assesses hazards for water use in the produce sector

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) asked the Panel on Biological Hazards (BIOHAZ) for a scientific opinion on the microbiological hazards associated with water use in the post-harvest handling and processing fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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How F&B manufacturers can benefit from going modular

Apart from critical challenges with water and wastewater management, F&B manufacturers also need to consider issues like compliance with effluent discharge regulations, budget constraints (as wastewater is not viewed as a direct contributor to revenue), and limited availability of space.

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How water is shaping sustainability efforts in Scotch

Water may not be the first resource that comes to mind when thinking of sustainability in Scotch whisky but it is increasingly on distilleries’ radars.

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Timaru brewery starts recycling wastewater into compost

“This new facility ensures our brewery leaves as light a footprint as possible on the local waterways by returning only treated water to the environment,” DB Breweries’ managing director Matt Wilson said.

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QUA Group expands water treatment offering with three membrane technologies

These innovations reinforce QUA's commitment to delivering solutions across various water treatment applications, including industrial processes, seawater desalination, potable water production, and high-purity water generation.

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Pharmaceutical effluent evokes superbugs in the environment: A call to action

Pharmaceutical wastewater, loaded with antibiotics and resistance genes, poses a significant environmental risk, mainly due to inadequate treatment and irresponsible disposal. A call to action by Rehab A. Rayan from the Department of Epidemiology at Alexandria University in Egypt has been published in the journal Biosafety and Health.

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Lessons From Rockwell Automation's ESG Summit

Data trend projections suggest a 40% gap in water availability by 2030. So from a business perspective, whether manufacturers use water in processes, as inputs to production or for cooling, they need to become more aware of how they’re using and impacting water resources and assessing their risk conditions.

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How Can Mining Companies Ensure They Can Measure The Data Required For ESG Reporting And Compliance?

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Therefore, mining companies need to monitor their infrastructure for things like power consumption, water usage and waste to ensure that their environmental footprint and, therefore, ESG credentials can be improved.

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These are the five big issues as the US food industry heads into 2024

Among the five issues outlined, environmental issues are included. Climate change, water (its availability and use in agriculture and food processing) and plastic packaging – particularly microplastics – will be the three major environmental issues packaged foods companies and the food industry collectively will grapple with and need to put a major focus on starting in 2024.

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Digging prosperity out of poison

There are golden prospects in toxic mining wastewater, and Wits chemistry Master’s student Taskeen Hasrod is setting machine learning loose to dig them out.

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Drought in India: Can businesses play a role in collective action for water security?

By intervening in meaningful ways to tackle India’s water crisis, businesses would not just mitigate operational and supply chain risk for themselves but have a wider basin-level influence.

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Manufacturer in Columbia Purifies Rainwater for Use in Manufacturing

Quick video on a creative way to use a free resource.

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Webinar: Corporate Water Strategy

Webinar to cover digital technologies to accelerate impact and business value related to corporate water.

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Webinar: ESG and Global Water Security - Corporate Water Stewardship and Pricing Water Risk

Recording of a recent webinar helping companies think about ESG and assessing the value and risks around water.

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Webinar: Road to Zero

Kate Gibson, Global Director – ESG for Diageo, joins Ram Ramachander to discuss ESG and corporate water issues on the Road to Zero interview series.

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Webinar: Water, Energy, Sustainability

Webinar to discuss Grundfos's impact on the semiconductor sector.

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Podcast: Water in the Semiconductor Industry

EP02 Podcast discusses challenges and benefits of the semiconductor industry for smaller communities.

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Job Opportunity: Director of USA Business Development – Semiconductor Water Treatment

Exciting new position to build a team and grow the water treatment business in the rejuvenated Semiconductor market.

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