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December 14, 2023

Peter Cook, Editor

Plenty of corporate water news this week!  If you are involved with water for semiconductor manufacturing, data centers, food & beverage, mining, or, really, any corporate or industrial water issues…there is a lot of information for you in this Corporate Water Weekly!

Set everything else aside and take 30 minutes to skim through the previews and to read the articles pertinent to you (fair warning: you’ll need more than 30 minutes if you are in fab manufacturing or data centers!).  And at the end of the reading, you’ll be as well-informed on the latest news as anyone in the office!

We’re making some great progress on the agenda for the Corporate Water Industry Update, being held in Austin on February 20!  With the holidays fast approaching (and not all my Christmas shopping done!), we’ll wait until after the first of the year to make some announcements on speakers and sponsors.  Some of the new panels we are working on include a “State of the Industry” data-driven opening presentation by an industry leader, a panel focused on how to convince decision-makers to invest more on water management/initiatives, panels for semiconductors, data centers, food & beverage, etc.  We’re excited.  Check out the website and book your seat ASAP!

And now, the news…

Corporate Water Weekly – Issue #5

“In 2022, more than 11,400 cubic meters of water were saved through various conservation projects”

In this era of heightened environmental consciousness, companies championing water stewardship gain a competitive edge as they contribute to a water-secure global community. In this interview we hear from Michael Jacobs, Sustainability & Social Innovation Leader, IBM Corporate Social Responsibility, on how the company’s goals and programs are shaping a water-resilient future.

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State of the Market: PFAS Policy Landscape, Forecasts, and Competitive Analysis

In addition to the Safe Drinking Water Act, the EPA is pursuing policy action under multiple regulatory frameworks, including the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI); Clean Water Act (CWA); Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA); Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA); and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Collectively, these actions aim to better identify, document, and address PFAS releases at facilities.

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EPA Proposes to Amend PBT Rules for decaBDE and PIP (3:1)

The revision proposes workplace safety measures and water release restrictions. It also addresses broader implementation issues affecting the supply chains of various industry sectors, including the nuclear energy sector, transportation, construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, life sciences, and semiconductor production.

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Intel shows off Fab manufacturing progress with media tour of Ocotillo campus in Chandler AZ

Intel's new state of the art Fab 52 and Fab 62 are scheduled to come on line next year. Intel recently held a media event where they detailed the progress within the company's overall strategy and provided a media tour of the factory floor of the existing Fab 42.

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Ultrapure Water Monitoring for Semiconductor Sustainability

Short video from Mettler Toledo on waste reduction and water use in semiconductor manufacturing.

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Purdue University is Offering a Free Course “Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing”

I thought it might be of interest to water solution providers to get more familiar with how the process works.

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Navigating the waters: Rethinking data center water usage

As the demand for data processing skyrockets, attention intensifies on the environmental impact of these technological hubs, particularly concerning water usage for cooling. It’s a widely discussed topic, with numerous conversations shedding light on the challenges and considerations associated with water consumption in data centers.

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ResetData launches liquid cooled data center lab in Sydney

The lab is to be used as a test and simulation lab for ResetData's immersion-cooled data center technology. According to the company, it is one of the first full-stack AI and machine learning testing facilities with a liquid-cooled environment in Asia Pacific.

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Intel joins RISE data center cooling research project in Sweden

The chip giant will take part in RISE's data center testbed, known as the Infrastructure and Cloud research & test Environment (ICE), aiming to find ways to remove heat sustainably from chips, using air and liquid cooling.

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Nature’s cool enough

Can we realistically cool data centers using the resources already available to us?

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White Paper: Cybersecurity guidance for data center power and cooling infrastructure systems

This whitepaper explores potential cyber threats on power and cooling devices with a breakdown of attack vectors, and offers proactive strategies prioritizing vigilance, transparency, and readiness.

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Meta data center: How much water, power would it use?

At last week’s special Public Service Board meeting, John Balliew, El Paso Water president and CEO, said water usage at the proposed Meta data center would be for minimal maintenance uses, but that during high temperatures more water is required to augment the center’s cooling systems.

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Blackstone, Digital Realty Team Up to Develop $7 Billion in Data Centers

The venture plans to develop 10 data centers on four campuses in Frankfurt, Paris and northern Virginia over the next five or six years, the companies said.

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Nautilus Data Technologies Secures 2.5MW Contract at Water-Cooled Data Center for Artificial Intelligence Company

The Stockton Data Center’s groundbreaking zero-water consumption cooling system sets a new standard for ecological responsibility in the industry, offering a perfect match for the high-performance requirements of the client’s AI and deep learning operations.

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Why subsea data centers can’t get afloat

China is claiming the world's first 'commercial' ocean floor data center – but real commercial players aren't touching it.

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Data Center Cooling Continues to Evolve for Efficiency and Density

Liquid cooling offers efficiency and capacity benefits, but don’t expect traditional air-cooling methods to go away anytime soon.

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Each Bitcoin transaction uses 4,200 gallons of water — enough to fill a swimming pool — and could potentially cause freshwater shortages

While I am not convinced that the datapoint cited in the title is accurate, water used for power and maintenance of Bitcoin servers adds more environmental issues.

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Cambrian Innovation looks for growth under new owner

The acquisition of Cambrian Innovation by Pennybacker Capital last month comes with an additional equity commitment of up to $200 million to jump-start the company’s build-own-operate franchise for water reuse and energy recovery projects.

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Samyang launches new industrial water treatment equipment

Korean water treatment leader also establishes dedicated water solutions unit and expands global presence in semiconductor industry.

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LEAP water plan costs could fall to customers, utility watchdog cautions

Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Co. has planned a $3.7 billion facility at LEAP; the state is also competing to attract a water-guzzling semiconductor manufacturing facility worth $50 billion and other large plants. But Boone County doesn’t have enough water to support such activities.

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Basin Water Resources rebrands as Expansa

Expansa provides turnkey water treatment solutions to the municipal, power, mining, HPI, CPI, NGL, food processing, and semiconductor Industries.

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Texas desal brine mining project gets funding nod

The passing of a resolution to raise $100 million of tax-exempt bonds for a desalination brine monetisation project in El Paso (Texas) marks an important milestone for an initiative with a somewhat chequered history.

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Expert revisits Whitehaven for mine water pollution solutions

"When I first saw the harbour I was sad, the various agencies I had spoken to, Network Rail, Environment Agency and Cumberland Council appeared to have no idea of how to deal with the issue, there was discussion of who may be liable."

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Minnesota taconite mines explore new technology to reduce energy, water use

Steelmakers find ways to reduce their carbon footprint — by using less energy in the first place.

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Research Unveils Contaminants Including PFAS in Food Process Wastewater

PFAS concentrations and other contaminants found in some food process wastewater are raising concerns about environmental impacts.

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Water quality management revolutionizing food manufacturing industry

In the realm of environmental water quality management, there is increasing scrutiny by investors, government and collaborators for food manufacturing facilities to increase their water use sustainability and decrease their used water quantity.

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‘We need everyone on this journey’: How PepsiCo is reducing water use in its supply chain

The beverage giant is focused on efficiency in its operations and working with communities, Pepsi’s senior director overseeing water strategy told the reporter.

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Safeguarding Organic Excellence: A Deep Dive into Water Contamination Risk Mitigation in Food Processing Units

Water is essential for many food processing operations, such as washing, rinsing, cooling, heating, and sanitizing. However, water can also pose a serious contamination risk if it is not properly managed and controlled.

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The Challenges of Managing a Brewery Sustainably

Given growing concerns — increasing water stress, looming impacts of climate change, sporadic energy shortages, etc. — many leading brewers are further intensifying their sustainability efforts.

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Podcast: The Potential of COW Water Reuse in Dairy Industry Shows Promise for System Management and Plant Maintenance

For the latest episode of ChemAqua’s Water Solutions podcast, the focus was on an innovative approach to water conservation in the dairy industry. The show examined the potential of reusing Condensate of Whey (COW) water in boiler and cooling tower systems and highlighted some of its economic and environmental benefits.

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BEAM SUNTORY Raises The Bar For Positive Impact In The Spirits Industry

“Because if you want to reduce your water, you have to also make sure that you're in business for the long term, that you have good high-quality water in quantity, and that you have people within those communities that have access to clean water.”

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