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December 21, 2023

Peter Cook, Editor

First and foremost, the team at Corporate Water Connection would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!  We will not be publishing a Corporate Water Weekly next week, but we’ll be right back at the first week of January!


Another solid week for corporate water news, analysis, and information.  We’ve been trying to keep our water articles very targeted on specific industries which we believe have significant overlap in how they handle water…light manufacturing (including semiconductors, food & beverage), data center cooling, and certain mining applications.  Please feel free to send us your updates, news, and press releases for us to include in the newsletter!


On top of that, we include some articles on ESG as water is often a critical component of ESG initiatives.  Be warned that ESG has lost much of the allure it held a year or two ago.  More and more, boards and investors are taking a closer look at ESG initiatives to make sure they are not just greenwashing, and to make sure they make good business sense for the company.  We believe that closer scrutiny will actually help the corporate water industry as water projects are so often good for the company, the community, the environment, and the bottom line.  Join us in Austin on February 20 at the Corporate Water Industry Update as we discuss those issues and many more!


And now, the news…

Corporate Water Weekly – Issue #6

Pepsi's Water Stewardship Specialization Course Available for Free

Free online course goes for 1 month for about 10-hours per week. Get Started as a Water Steward. Develop knowledge and skills to understand and implement corporate water stewardship programs.

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Webinar Recap | Water Usage in the Data Center: How to Do More with Less

Energy and power usage are always key concerns for data center professionals, but water management is growing in importance.

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Responsible water use: Assessing watershed health in data center communities

Google shares new framework to more precisely evaluate the health of a local community’s watershed and establish a data-driven approach to advancing responsible water use in our data centers.

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Sandia National Lab’s Holistic Data Center Design Integrates Energy and Water Efficiency, Flexibility, and Resilience

Story highlights Sandia National Laboratories and their holistic data center approach, which provides resilient energy- and water-efficient cooling for high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

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Industry Spotlight: Iceotope’s Nathan Blom on Precision Liquid Cooling

With the demands of next generation chips aimed at AI and ever-higher density computing, the need for a revolution in cooling at the component level is growing. One company looking to take on that challenge is Iceotope.

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Podcast: Latest Trends in Industrial Water Management

Bluefield water experts discuss key themes in industrial water from this past quarter. Podcast Host Reese Tisdale, (who will be speaking at the Corporate Water Industry Update in Austin on February 20!) sits down with Bluefield Senior Analyst Amber Walsh, to discuss their findings.

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California Adopts Regulations for Implementing Direct Potable Reuse

Update from the WateReuse Association (who is a Supporting Organization for the Corporwate Water Industry Update in Austin this February 20th!): Direct potable reuse is a practice which uses multiple phases of proven advanced water treatment technology to transform recycled water into safe, reliable purified water, for blending directly into a community’s existing drinking water system.

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Revolutionizing industrial water management: digital innovation & challenges

Industries rely on water as a crucial ingredient in manufacturing processes, with the ability to profoundly affect both the quantity and quality of water available in an area.

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Microsoft is exploring specialized liquids for cooling its AI chips, amid local water supply concerns

The company unveiled an advanced AI chip in November dubbed Maia 100 chip, which ships with a cold plate with cool water tucked beneath it to prevent it from frying.

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Resource Consumption in the Semiconductor Industry

Deep dive into water and other resource consumption in fab manufacturing.

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SEMI Honors Semiconductor Industry Sustainability Leaders

SEMI President and CEO Ajit Manocha selected the award recipients based on their inspirational leadership and innovative approaches to expanding sustainability practices at their companies and in the semiconductor industry in order to meet aggressive net zero emission goals.

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The Path to Sustainability in the Semiconductor Value Chain – Can Startups Help?

Major corporations are already setting examples by integrating environmental considerations into every step of their supply chain. To help accelerate additional innovation, more than 10 Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) firms from the semiconductor ecosystem have come together to establish Startups for Sustainable Semiconductors (S3), a program for startup companies with sustainable innovations that can help advance the semiconductor industry in its journey to become greener.

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Europe considers water’s role in its microelectronics boom

The EU is looking to rapidly build up domestic capacity in semiconductor production, with Germany taking the lead. Europe editor Lara Nash looks at what it means for water.

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Japan: Kumamoto and Hokkaido face common tasks of securing water and talent

Japanese semiconductor companies partner for mutual benefit.

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AI's Sustainability Ripple Effect: The Hidden Impact Of AI On Water Use

As much as both workers and industry benefit from AI's expanding reach, it's essential to consider its wider implications, particularly its environmental impact on water resources.

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Green hydrogen and its water use problem

The climate crisis threatens water management and the water crisis in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2023 illustrates the damage new industrial projects could cause if not thoroughly assessed. With green hydrogen projects gaining international prominence, it is vital they are properly planned.

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Estimated 2030 water demand for green hydrogen doubles year-on-year

2023 saw myriad new green hydrogen projects announced, bringing more opportunity for the water sector along with growing water sourcing challenges. GWI investigates the state of the market as turquoise hydrogen becomes a potential future play.

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Rethinking Mine Water Management for Strategic Advantage

Mine operators are looking for technology to solve a rising demand for water resulting from changing regulations or in areas of water scarcity. Xylem’s Ken Albaugh details the quandaries and solutions.

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Diageo to invest in water use for Tequila production

The funding will be put towards projects in the new year in Jalisco, Mexico.

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'Something they love and trust': Creemore brewery continues to set high standards for beer and sustainability

Sustainability efforts extend to the water it brings in — and puts down the drain. Since 2019, its efforts to conserve and reuse process water has resulted in the conservation of one million litres of water annually.

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Swift Beef in Grand Island to pay $275,000 for allegedly polluting water

The Swift Beef Company has agreed to pay $275,000 in civil penalties for allegedly discharging pollutants into the water near its Grand Island, Nebraska, beef processing plant.

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Southeast Georgia residents troubled by water plans for Hyundai plant

Plans to drill four new drinking water wells in Bulloch County to supply almost 7 million gallons a day of water to serve the Hyundai Metaplant and associated development in Bryan County drew concern and criticism at a packed public meeting in Statesboro Thursday.

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Women at the Helm of Mary Kay’s Water Steering Committee

Mary Kay launched an employee Water Steering Committee responsible for identifying and implementing opportunities for water reduction and good water governance.

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ESG gains would be few without the Magnificent Seven

ESG funds have done surprisingly well this year, led by fresh interest in artificial intelligence, despite questions about how ESG-friendly such companies are.

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ESG – the emperor’s new clothes?

Boards are increasingly wary of greenwashing claims in light of recent investigations opened by the Competition and Markets Authority. Increased due diligence in relation to ESG has added to the burden of finalising annual reporting.

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BlackRock Accused by Tennessee of ‘Misleading’ ESG Strategy

State Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti said BlackRock funds that don’t take into account ESG factors are being unfairly impacted by the asset manager’s membership in climate groups, its shareholder-voting record and the pressure it puts on companies to meet environmental goals, according to a complaint filed Monday in state court. This shows a “pattern of deception” that has hurt investors, the complaint says.

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Toxic art: Ohio University professors clean rivers by turning water pollution into paint

True Pigments is a collaboration between Ohio University, Rural Action, Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Mineral Resources Management and the U.S. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. ODNR awarded $3.5 million to the project in pilot funding to construct a full-scale acid mine drainage water treatment plant at the Millfield site.

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