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January 4, 2024

Peter Cook, Editor

Happy New Year from Corporate Water Connection!  Many of our articles this issue focus on the biggest stories of 2023 or predictions for what is in store for 2024.  Plenty of interesting insights and announcement, so get ready to sit back and learn something!


Speaking of learning something, registration is now open for the 2024 Corporate Water Industry Update, being held in Austin on February 20, 2024.  We are so pleased to have TruClear Water Solutions, bluefield research, and the WateReuse Association on board as early supporters of the event.  The one-day event will cover topics pertinent to those involved with water management in manufacturing (semiconductors, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, etc.) as well as data center cooling.  Seating is limited to book your seat and your hotel room now (links for both event registration and room reservations can be found on the event website).  Check back frequently to see updates on speakers, topics, and sponsors!


And now, the news…

Corporate Water Weekly – Issue #7

Water in 2024: Six Industry Predictions

From keeping track of the evolving PFAS narrative, to driving increased digital inclusivity and CSO monitoring to accelerate remediation works – 2024 looks set to be another eventful year in water. Several experts share their predictions.

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The Eight Themes That Will Shape the Data Center Industry in 2024

The AI boom will ripple through the digital infrastructure sector, impacting the availability of space, the supply chain, pricing, cooling, power and design.

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Top Data Center Predictions For 2024

Let’s take a closer look at some of the trends we can expect in 2024.

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Top 10 Data Center Sustainability Stories of 2023

From liquid cooling to hardware recycling, here's a quick wrap-up of Data Center Knowledge's top data center sustainability coverage published this year.

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Top Ten Aquatech Articles from 2023

Interesting look back at the most popular articles from Aquatech Online.

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Why thirsty data centres risk plunging the world into crisis

We’ve seen a lot of articles on this topic, but this one cites some alarming data. Worth a read.

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Podcast: Water Offsetting in the AI Era

In this AI revolution, AI's impact on our planet, especially water resources, is a paradox we cannot ignore. AI proposes solutions to global challenges, yet its own sustainability is questioned due to significant water use for data processing and energy generation.

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DCK's Editor in Chief Predicts the Biggest Headaches for 2024

Wendy Schuchart, Data Center Knowledge's Editor in Chief, reflects on the biggest data center issues in 2023 and what the smart professional needs to consider and react to in the coming years.

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Why thirsty data centres risk plunging the world into crisis

Powering AI threatens to push our already stretched water supplies to the extreme.

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Demand for digital services gives rise to hyperscale data centers

How server rooms Impact the electric grid as large-scale facilities are built in communities.

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How do chilled water systems align with the availability and sustainability objectives of data centers?

Embracing sustainability emerges as a paramount strategy for both businesses and governmental entities, exerting significant influence on the future landscape. Thermal management systems, responsible for extracting heat from data centers, wield substantial potential in enhancing the carbon footprint of these facilities. This is particularly crucial, given that around 25-35% of energy consumption in many data centers is linked to air conditioning.

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Microfluidics: Cooling inside the chip

If you think immersion tanks are the end game for liquid cooling, think again. We hear from engineers who want coolant to flow inside your chips.

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Brazil's Data Center Company Elea raises $100 million via sustainability-linked bonds

Targets tied to energy efficiency, water use, and women in leadership positions.

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Modine buys TMGcore for immersion cooling assets

Airedale owner branches into new cooling types.

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To ‘Win the Future,’ the U.S. Needs a Semiconductor Industry That Learns From the Past

The CHIPS and Science Act, which Congress enacted in 2022, promised $280 billion in funding to reverse a decline in U.S. semiconductor manufacturing (the nation went from producing 37% of the global supply of semiconductors in 1990 to just 10% in 2022), but we need to learn from the past to succeed moving forward.

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Samsung Delays US Semiconductor Production

Environmental permit issues and the US government’s slowness in delivering financial support have been plaguing domestic chip projects.

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Emails show alarm over tech firm's water use

While Scottsdale and ASM were announcing a major investment, city utility executives were raising major concerns, particularly related to water use.

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Indiana’s Ambitious Water Pipeline Plan for Microchip Manufacturing Faces Backlash

Indiana officials are encountering resistance and concerns over their plans to pipe in substantial volumes of water from an aquifer located approximately 40 miles away. The water is intended to support a new industrial park designed to attract microchip firms to the state.

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Reducing PFAS use, increasing semiconductor production, at odds

Efforts to reduce or eliminate use of toxic, manmade “forever chemicals” are running contrary to efforts by Ohio and local officials to court an industry that is a major user: semiconductor chip manufacturers.

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Q&A: An inside look at Smithfield Foods' new wastewater treatment system

Smithfield's Jason Lindquist provides details of the company's new wastewater treatment system at its pork processing facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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How food processors can optimize their water treatment processes

This article explores strategies that food processors can employ to optimize their water treatment processes, promoting efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility.

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Denali Solutions continues wastewater disposal legal battle

In November, Denali was ordered to stop the land application and lagoon storage of wastewater collected from meat and food processing plants.

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New Mexico Environment Department pushes for water reuse rules to move forward

The agency is asking a state water division to approve its proposed regulations on the reuse of water that’s a byproduct of oil and gas in New Mexico.

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