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January 12, 2024

Peter Cook, Editor

Apologies for the delay in delivery for this week’s Corporate Water Weekly!  Maybe receiving this over the weekend will enable you to take more time to browse through the articles.  Plenty of news for anyone in the corporate water industry.  Enjoy!


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Corporate Water Weekly – Issue #8

A look at 2023's major water acquisitions

In 2023 the water sector witnessed sizable mergers and acquisitions, reorganizing the water landscape and its players.

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Corporate Water: Microsoft’s Progress Report on Water Positive Ambitions

In response to the escalating global water crisis, Microsoft has taken a significant step forward with the launch of its Water Replenishment Update. Article takes a look at the key themes of the report and what its water replenishment strategy looks like.

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What’s In, What’s Out for Water in 2024?

This year represents a pivotal juncture for water industry stakeholders across the value chain. At times, it seems that water is in the news more than ever before and it feels like we, as an industry, are addressing some of the same age-old issues.

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Industrial water users to pay 400% more for development impact fees in Goodyear

Big industrial water users will pay more than 400% more on their water bills in Goodyear, after the City Council voted for revised development impact fees.

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When more cost effective + safer = more sustainable

Cooling equipment needs to be flexible enough to save power, or water, as required, argues Excool’s Jon Pettit.

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BlackRock to acquire Global Infrastructure Partners for $3 billion

Investment firm to acquire CyrusOne and Vantage Tower stakeholder.

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Modine acquires TMG Core to pursue data center liquid cooling opportunities

The investment adds single- and two-phase immersion cooling technologies to Modine's portfolio, further cementing the company's position as a complete cooling solutions provider as data center heat loads rise.

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A new land for energy and data

European countries led by Denmark have plans to connect giant offshore wind farms to new artificial “energy islands” housing hydrogen projects and data centers.

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Liquid cooling: From complexity to commodity

Disrupting the data center dynamic with next-generation liquid cooling.

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Data Center Cooling: Embracing Liquid Cooling for the Era of Sustainable and Efficient Operations

Amidst rising energy costs, environmental concerns, and increasing pressure for sustainability, IT leaders, particularly those in infrastructure and operations (I&O), face the challenge of balancing data center performance with cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

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Rethinking the Chiller: Singapore's Data Center Efficiency Hack

Singapore’s new Sustainable Tropical Data Centre Testbed (STDCT), supported by Vertiv, aims to develop more efficient and sustainable cooling solutions for data centers in hot and humid conditions. This initiative is critical as the global push for environmental sustainability gains momentum, and the demand for digital infrastructure continues to grow.

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Online Panel: Challenges in Digitizing the Pharmaceutical Water System Lifecycle

Episode on February 22. The complexity of water system infrastructure pose challenges in implementing uniform digital solutions across diverse systems. The transition to digital platforms is complex and requires careful planning to ensure compatibility and seamless integration.

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ZutaCore signs liquid cooling partnership with Valeo

Automotive company to supply heat re-use units to liquid cooling firm later this year.

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Hornady earns recognition for water quality efforts

The Industrial Water Quality Achievement Award is presented to a corporation that best demonstrates significant, lasting and measurable excellence in water quality improvement or in the prevention of water quality degradation as demonstrated by innovative design and operation of an industrial wastewater, pretreatment or source prevention program.

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Water Management Challenges in the Food and Beverage Industry

In this interview, Sara Speak, the Industrial and Environmental Product Application Specialist for the Sievers Instruments product line at Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions, talks to AZoMaterials about the current challenges the food and beverage industry (F&B) faces in water management.

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Danone must face Evian water 'carbon neutral' lawsuit

A judge in New York ruled on Wednesday that Danone must face a lawsuit challenging its "carbon neutral" claim on bottles of Evian spring water.

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Handling food processor wastewater treatment surprises with automatic scraper strainers

Strainers offer greater reliability than traditional options under unpredictable conditions such as varying pressure, particle size and sticky biologicals.

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Whiskey Power: University Finds Novel Way Using Distilled Water for Green Hydrogen

Scientists at Heriot-Watt university in Scotland have developed a way to use wastewater from the distilling industry to produce green hydrogen, a process which currently consumes enormous amounts of fresh water a year.

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The San Diego collaboration that is condensing water into beer

Aaron Justus, owner of East Village Brewing Co., has created an IPA and a honey ale using recycled water from San Diego International Airport.

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