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October 4, 2023

Peter Cook, Editor

Welcome to the first issue of Corporate Water Weekly!  Each week we will be collecting articles relevant to the business of industrial water, corporate water, water in semiconductor manufacturing and data center operations, water in food & beverage manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, mining in water, and other growth industries which use, treat, and dispose of large volumes of water.

Don’t look for highly technical articles.  Nor are we focused on utilities or municipal water issues (there are already plenty of great resources that cover those areas).

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It was great seeing so many friends and contacts at WEFTEC in Chicago earlier this week.  That was a fun (but pretty exhausting) show!

And now, the news…

Corporate Water Weekly – Issue #1

Intel receives massive Ohio grant for $20 billion project in Licking County

The state on Monday announced it awarded the money to the semiconductor company as part of the more than $2 billion in state and local incentives that Intel was promised for picking Ohio for the project.

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Austin City Council approves $1M incentive deal with semiconductor giant NXP

The company plans to use the funding to modernize the manufacturing lines at the company's two Central Texas locations.

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LCRA looks at new water supplies for future demand in Central Texas

Lower Colorado River Authority options to increase water availability include water supply storage in the mid-basin, groundwater, return flows from Williamson County, direct potable reuse, pipelines, aquifer storage and aquifer recovery.

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SpaceX seeks permission to dump treated wastewater into Texas bay

State officials are requesting public input about the request.

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North American data center construction rises 25% to record high in first half of 2023, driven by growth of artificial intelligence

Gordon Dolven, director of Americas Data Center Research at CBRE said “Data center operators are prioritizing power availability, rather than selecting markets based on traditional factors such as location, connectivity, water and land pricing.”

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Amazon earmarks $3.5B for Ohio data centers

Amazon is not the only tech giant to identify New Albany as an up-and-coming data center hub. Google also announced in August a $1.7 billion investment into its three Ohio data center campuses, one of which is in New Albany. The tech company selected the site due to its ample land, water supply, low natural disaster risk and aggressive tax incentives.

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Amazon submits plans for multiple data centers in Mesa

Amazon filed presubmittal documents with Mesa’s planning office for two separate data centers about four miles apart in southeast Mesa.

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The U.S. needs minerals for green tech. Will Western mines have enough water?

The U.S. is pushing to secure new domestic mining supplies for metals such as copper, lithium and manganese that are critical for building things like electric vehicle batteries, solar panels and other components of the energy transition away from fossil fuels. But much of the exploration and planned production of these minerals is taking place in the arid American West, where water is increasingly scarce.

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Testing shows ‘abundant water’ supply to support LEAP District, state says

The preliminary results of the long-anticipated study indicate what IEDC officials had been asserting for nearly a year: transporting as much as 100 million gallons of water a day through a 35-mile pipeline to support a planned 9,000 acre or more technology and manufacturing hub is feasible without hurting existing homeowners and businesses that rely on the water supply.

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Concerns surface about Caroline County (VA) water plans, regional data centers

Caroline County wants to build a water-intake facility that could withdraw up to 13.9 million gallons of water a day from the river.

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AMI Global Appoints Global Industrial Water Tech Executive, Lukas Loeffler, Ph.D., to Board of Directors

Dr. Loeffler is a highly experienced C-Suite leader with widespread international business experience and a decidedly successful record of expanding businesses specialized in water technologies and industrial software, hardware, and automation.

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In Latin America, data center plans fuel water worries

Surging internet use in recent years has accelerated demand for new data centers.

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How TSMC’s chip plant is shaking up Japan

Semiconductor giant’s arrival in a small town highlights broader challenges for Asia’s most advanced economy, including water management.

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Tata Projects to construct Micron’s advanced semiconductor facility in Sanand

According to the statement, the Sanand factory will be designed in accordance with LEED Gold Standards of the Green Building Council and will also integrate advanced water-saving technologies.

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Rapidus proposes "Hokkaido Silicon Valley" but faces water and energy infrastructure needs

Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Rapidus, which aims to mass-produce 2nm chips, has decided to set up a factory in Chitose City, Hokkaido.

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Water-sharing protests disrupt India's tech hub of Bengaluru

Police detained protesters on Tuesday in India's tech hub of Bengaluru after one tried to commit suicide and another was injured while demonstrating against the sharing of water from a river that flows through two states, media and officials said.

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Reclaimed water a viable way to address scarcity, says India’s National Water Services Commission

"The huge amount can be further treated as non-potable water for use in the manufacturing process, non-food based industries, or non-food crop agricultural sectors.

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Why Microsoft is Using Nuclear to Fuel Its Data Centers?

While not the primary focus of the article, the company’s dedication to conserving water involves replenishing more water than they consume, with a recent pivot to nuclear power serving as a pivotal step in fulfilling this ambitious pledge.

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3M Highlights Net Positive Water Impact Pilot

The company will be collaborating to reduce water stress in target basins on three dimensions: availability (quantity), quality, and access—applying takeaways from the NPWI Piloting Workshop it hosted at World Water Week in August.

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Water Resilience Coalition Accelerates Private Sector Progress Toward 2030 100-Basin Ambition

Coalition’s aim to build water resilience in business operations, supply chains, and water-stressed basins launched as water target of Forward Faster initiative.

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"From Consumption to Conservation: Manufacturing's Approach to Water Sustainability"

In today's world, where global discussions increasingly revolve around environmental concerns, the manufacturing industry has emerged as a pioneer in addressing these pressing issues.

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